Flying Colors Exclusive!

Jeff Bonivert's Captain Four Color Saves the Day!

Jeff Bonivert's Funboys return for another adventure!

Jeff Bonivert's Funboys are back!

For a limited time,
exclusive is still available for viewing:
Jeff Bonivert's graphic novel turned webcomic,
Muscle and Faith



About the artist/writer- J.B. "Jeff" Bonivert

Jeff Bonivert is a northern California native with a varied background in independent comics as artist and writer, beginning with "Atomic Man" published by Blackthorne. Bonivert has also contributed to such comics as "Mister Monster" and "Turtle Soup." In 1991, Tundra published the "Fun Boys Spring Special," the comic book collecting adventures of three friends loosely based on Jeff's boyhood experiences. Jeff's work also appears in "Mister Monster's Book of Forbidden Knowledge," "Flying Colors 10th Anniversary Special" and "Star*Reach." Currently, he's developing two full-length stories, "Blue Book Stories" and "The VITAMEN". Exclusive previews of Bonivert's new work will be available soon.

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